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Workers’ Compensation, or “Workman’s Comp” is an insurance program mandated by the State of Massachusetts (and other states) that makes sure that employees who are injured on the job or due to their line of work receive ample treatment for their injury or illness.

Workers’ Compensation rehabilitates the worker after an injury.

What Is FECA?

FECA stands for the Federal Employee’s Compensation Act. You can read more about it on the Department of Labor’s official website. It is administered by the DFEC (Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation), which acts as a judge in:

  • New claims for benefits
  • Managing cases
  • Paying benefits (in the form of medical expenses or awarded cash benefits)
  • Assists Injured/Handicapped Workers in returning to work

According to the DFEC website, the compensation claims are promptly adjudicated in the following general schedule:

  • Traumatic Injury: 45 days after receipt
  • Simple Occupational Illness Case: 90 days after receipt
  • Occupational Illness Case: ~6 months after receipt
  • Very Complex Occupational Illness Case: ~10 months after receipt

Rehabilitative Orthopedic Care After Worker’s Injury

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