Foot and Ankle Work Injury Treatment in Boston, MA


Progressive wear and tear on the many tendons in the lower extremities can lead to a common condition known as tendonitis. Individuals with tendonitis will typically experience pain with movement of the foot and ankle, which will gradually worsen until the area is properly treated.

Ligament Sprains and Tears

Our specialists often see issues of sprains and tears in the ligaments of the feet in athletes and other active individuals. Sprains typically only require minor intervention, while a partial or full tear can require surgical treatment.

Ankle and Foot Trauma

Injury to the foot or ankle can cause significant and lasting damage that requires careful attention from a specialist.

Problems of The Achilles’ Tendon

As one of the most important structures within the foot, and the largest tendon in the entire body, the Achilles tendon can lead to severe pain if it develops tendonitis, becomes torn, or is ruptured.

Heel Pain

Many patients describe issues of pain in the back of their foot at the heel, which most often relates to an underlying medical condition such as bursitis, a fracture, plantar fasciitis, and more.

Plantar Fasciitis

There is a particular tissue of the foot known as plantar fascia that can become inflamed, resulting in significant pain whenever pressure is applied.

Bunions and Bunionettes

Often as a result of consistently wearing improper footwear, bunions and bunionettes will form along the inner or outer edge of the foot. While these callused bumps are not often very painful, they can affect the person’s gate if they become severe.

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