Requesting a Workers Compensation Appointment

If you have been injured at work and wish to schedule an appointment at any of our locations, contact the individual office of the subspecialist you wish to see.

Personal Information Required for New England Work Injury

When scheduling your appointment please have the following information available for our staff:

  1. Your employer’s name and address
  2. Worker’s compensation claim number
  3. Insurance carrier’s name and address
  4. Insurance adjuster’s name, phone, and fax numbers
  5. Date of work-related injury
  6. Type of injury (location on the body)

You may be asked to fax or mail the following for review:

  1. Copies of initial and recent evaluations by other physicians
  2. Copies of MRI films, CT scans, myelograms, plain films, or their written report
  3. Copies of operative reports from any recent spine surgeries

Please bring the following information, when possible, to your appointment:

  1. All radiology studies pertaining to your current injury, including MRI, CT scans, and plain X-Rays
  2. All medical records involving your injury, including initial and recent evaluations by other physicians, consultations, operative reports of previous surgery, EMG and nerve conduction study reports

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