Case Managers

We understand the need for prompt, thorough, and excellent medical care for the injured worker…

At NEWI we value our relationship with Case Managers and Insurance Adjusters and understand your desire to obtain prompt, thorough, and excellent medical care for the injured worker. As a work injury can have a significant impact on one’s professional and personal life, we want to minimize the economic impact, physical suffering, and emotional strain of work-related injuries on the injured worker. We offer timely and comprehensive evaluations, promptly initiate treatment modalities, and utilize surgery when indicated. With an emphasis on accessibility and communication, we work closely with case managers to form a strong partnership when addressing all the needs of an injured worker. In addition to quality care, these needs often include return to work criteria and restrictions, risk assessment, and physical capability evaluations. By tailoring individualized treatment to the needs of the worker, our goal is to relieve discomfort, improve function, and return the injured employee to work as appropriate.

How to Refer

If you would like to request an appointment, please contact the specialty office according to the phone numbers below.

Shoulder and Knee

William F. Mulroy, MD
Phone: 617-227-9300
Fax: 617-227-3800


Spine (Initial evaluations)

Ali Mostoufi, MD
Phone: 617-227-9300
Fax: 617-227-3800


Spine (Surgical consultations)

Frank X. Pedlow Jr., MD
Phone: 617-227-9300
Fax: 617-227-3800

Foot/Ankle, Knee

George H. Theodore, MD
Phone: 617-724-7009
Fax: 617-643-1006

Hand, Upper Extremity

Sang Gil Lee, MD
Phone: 617-726-1344
Fax: 617-724-7062

Request An Appointment

Refer a Patient Online

When scheduling your appointment please have the following information available for our office staff:

  1. Injured worker’s name and address
  2. DOB
  3. The employer’s name and address
  4. Workers’ compensation claim number
  5. Insurance carrier’s name and address
  6. Insurance adjuster’s name, phone, and fax numbers
  7. Date of work-related injury

You may be asked to fax or mail the following for review:

  1. copies of initial and recent evaluations by other physicians.
  2. copies of MRI films, CT scans, myelograms, plain films, or their written report.
  3. copies of operative reports from any recent spine surgeries.

Please have the patient bring the following information, when possible, to his / her appointment:

  1. All radiology studies pertaining to your current injury, including MRI, CT scans, and plain X-Rays.
  2. All medical records involving your injury, including initial and recent evaluations by other physicians, consolations, operative reports of previous surgery, EMG and nerve conductions study reports.
  3. All other information as specified in our Appointment Request form.

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