Workers Comp Second Opinions in Boston, MA

The decision to have surgery can be a difficult one.

Although conservative treatment can often be successful, injured workers’ persisting symptoms and the effect those symptoms are having on one’s professional and personal life can lead to the consideration of or the suggestion of surgery. No surgical procedure should be taken lightly, some surgery is complex, and all surgery has risks. Also, different diagnoses, treatment approaches, and surgical techniques can be offered to a patient by different surgeons. The different options that can be presented to patients are often related to the individual surgeon’s particular training, abilities, experience, or judgment.

If you are considering surgery for the treatment of a current condition, a second opinion may offer the reassurance that all treatment options have been considered. Also, if you have had a surgical procedure and have not achieved the pain relief and return to function you expected, perhaps another opinion is a good idea.

You may wish to consider obtaining a second opinion if:

  • You are uncertain as to the diagnosis and/or treatment plan already offered
  • You wish to learn if there are other treatment options available
  • You are uncertain about the risks of surgery
  • You feel rushed to make a decision and want more information
  • The proposed treatment involves an extensive, controversial, or experimental surgical procedure
  • You’ve had surgery and have not obtained the results you desired

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