Workers Compensation Doctors in Boston, MA

The working men and women of the United States are the backbone of our country, and our economy, and deserve access to the best healthcare available. Even when this care is available, when injured, the Workman’s Compensation system can be a difficult one to navigate. Our goal is to not only provide workers with personalized expert care in a supportive environment but help them understand their injury and the options available to them both from a medical perspective and under the workman’s compensation system.

Workers Compensation Information

On this portion of the website are sections including links to Workers Compensation information in Boston as well as the different New England States, some patient education material specific to the part of the body injured and condition you have, and our policy and perspective on Second Opinions.

This area includes three sections:

Subspecialty Care

Learn about the areas of orthopedics and rehabilitation addressed by New England Work Injury, including hip and knee joint replacement, orthopedic trauma and fracture, shoulder, knee, foot, and ankle care, spine, and more.

Injured Worker Education

Coming Soon – Use this page as an educational resource for information on worker’s compensation if you have been injured on the job.

Worker’s Compensation Resources

A list of links, information, and other helpful resources you may want to be aware of if you’re receiving worker’s compensation, including information on the Federal Employee’s Compensation Act (FECA), Rehabilitative Orthopedic Care After Worker’s Injury, and more.

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